The Brief: Create a viral campaign to gain exposure for the brand and increase sales.

Our answer: The Mountain Zebra is the Perdeberg mascot, features on the logo and plays a prominent part in the Perdeberg heritage.
They have two on the farm for visitors to see. For this online competition we “kidnapped” one of the zebras* and gave the public the chance to find the “kidnapped” Perdeberg Zebra. This competition concept is loosely based on the Cluedo game and generated a lot of word of mouth.

To create interest in the campaign and to introduce the suspects each week, viral videos were created that were posted on YouTube and on
the Perdeberg site. These spoof videos featured interviews with fictional policemen and suspects.

Weekly winners received a case of Perdeberg wine for answering the clue correctly. At the end of the 4-month campaign, the person who guessed
the suspect who “kidnapped” the Perdeberg Zebra won free Perdeberg wine for a year.

This viral campaign created massive brand awareness as it reached across the globe.

*the “kidnapped” zebra was safely moved to a neighbouring farm